The Psychopath Mansion

That is the best way I could describe the theme of my dream last night.. There are some minor details that I am forgetting.. I do remember going around some kind of shopping center with people I went to high school with.. but that is irrelevant to the mansion experience.. I walk into this mansion with my sister.. As we're walking through I start to see these monsters, apparitions, and other hallucinations of things mutilating each other or fusing with one another or just mocking me as I make my way into the mansion.. As I'm walking I already understand that the mansion is making us hallucinate because it wants us to stay in the house in a permanent state of hysteria and psychosis. When we get one of my other sister's out I go into the car where we drop her off at and I find 2 jagged knives on the car floor... So I brandish them and we walk back into the house.. At this time the hallucinations are now tangible objects or apparitions that are attacking us as we make our way into the house.. But I get extremely angry about this spiritual deity holding my family hostage so I go into kind of a frenzy and start cutting through these monsters left and right.. As we pull out my dad(which was the second to last one to get out of the house) my sister starts to lose a foothold on her sanity.. And the spiritual deity takes form of a ghost-like appearance of a person.. and tells me that the only reason he is letting me keep my sanity, while in the mansion, is because he admires my fury and hatred.. His comment seems to spark even more anger in me because of my sister's sudden loss of sanity.. so I bring her outside and I tell her that I am going in by myself because I am the only one resilient enough to keep the insanity out of my head.. The last person there was to get was my mother and at this point running through my head is nothing but seething hatred for this figure of insanity. I enter this one hallway and it turns into a chess board and these gargoyle-like figures sprout from the checkered squares.. But I easily cut them to pieces and keep moving.. I make it to a certain point and there is no where to go.. the only thing in the area is a soccer field and some people playing the sport... I cut a few of them down and grab one by the scruff of his shirt and demand that he tells me where my mother is.. Soon after that I woke up.. still kind of pissed of that I couldn't finish that dream.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

wow...thats weird lol...ive had some strange ones but nothing like that....