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In march I answered to a add offering 3 healthy free heinz57 puppys not knowing what that was we traveled 2 and 1/2 hours to get them.We get them home everything seems fine except they shake alot when they sleep we thought it was just a puppy thing a week later the little girl lucy had a 10 minute long seizure a day later little aussie had a 5 minute seizure.We got these puppys because the lady said they was healthy and would never get bigger than 15 pounds.After we found out she lied about them being healthy we took them to pet land that said not only did she lie about the health they will also grow up to be more than 60 pounds because they aint heinz57 they are husky and black lab puppies.Now instead of little puppies we have 30 pound 6 month old puppies that are only going to get bigger and none of us really trust or like the bigger dogs and on top of that we have no room for them so now we have to find them a new home only noone wants the boys  because of how big they are and we refuse to take them to a pound.
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we love our puppys they are still our babys but its not fair to keep them when our yard is way to small and we cant afford to take them to the vet to help with the seizures and they are to big now for me to go out and see them alone i fall alot because of muscle spasms and they are heavy enough to knock me down if i go out alone my boys worry that i will get hurt if i go alone and one of them knock me over

does it feel like its harder for you to breathe like maybe someone is pushing on your chest and you cant catch your breathe?

yeah but im, not to mad at her just would have saved me from haveing a panic attack if she had just said oh by the way the 2 smallest ones have seizures i can understand her lieing about the breed it just shows she didnt know what they was but to tell us they would never be over 15 pounds was just wont they are 30+ pounds now and we have a really small yard and no room inside for them

i wish i did but at the time i didnt have internet access and my sister and brother said i need top trust people more if they are nice enough to give us 3 dogs for free we should trust them they now wish they had followed what i said and not trust her and try for dogs closer to where we lived

now that i looked it up i know that heinz 57 isnt even a breed like the woman told us it was all heinz 57 means is it is a mixture of any of the 57 breeds of dogs and wit6hout a 450 dollar dna test you will never know which breeds im sorry to hear about your dog but now he gots you so he is beter off