Neighbors Post Smiley Face On The Day Of Our Daughter's Funeral

Our neighbors of the past two years have been a nightmare.  They did not get a property survey before buying the home and argued with us to no end about where the property lines were.  When we finally got another survey and put up a fence, they proceeded to put up numerous creepy 2-foot smiley face signs just over our fence facing our yard.  They put up smiley face lights.  One the day our 21-year old daughter was taken out by ambulance because she could not breathe, they were in their window laughing and giving each other high fives.  One the day of her funeral, they hung numerous new smiley face banners from their windows facing our home.  We have tried putting up plywood to cover the signs and they keep moving them along with shouting profanity towards our homes.  We are gathering evidence for a harassment suit but do not want to lose.  We can't move because of their stupid signs.  All this when we are dealing with the grief from losing our daugher, who would have graduated this spring summa *** laude.
grieffilledmom grieffilledmom
1 Response May 19, 2012

I was looking for suggestions about my neighbors when I came across your complaint. First, I 'm sorry to read about your daughter. As the years will pass your grief will lessen. I realize that the advice I'm about to offer applies to me as well. As far our neighbors go, we have given them too much power over us. Ignore the sons of ******* and focus on our lives, our love of one another and what is in our yards, not the fools next door.