From Witches to Angels!

We used to live in a neighborhood that full of drugs and witches, etc.  When I say witch, I don't mean the good kind.  This one would scream over our privacy fence, PROFANITIES.  Mind you, she is 70.  She used to tell me she is a witch and can make anything happen from sittin in her living room. 

Not anymore, we have two distant neighbors that are great.  They would do anything for ya.  I'm so glad to get away from that all.  Its just a breath of fresh air to live in an area with much recreation and tens of thousands of acres of nothing but woods, to be able to stand outside our door and shoot.  Its great, God is Good!!!!!

Neveah Neveah
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Could be that 70 year old had dementia or Alzheimer's. Either way, glad to hear you're in a much better place!