Jane Bennett, Mrs. Kevin Bennett, Is The Worst Possible Neighbor

http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/sep/19/rob_douglas_skunks_abound_citizens_hall/ http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/sep/19/rob_douglas_skunks_abound_citizens_hall/ http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/sep/19/rob_douglas_skunks_abound_citizens_hall/ http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/sep/19/rob_douglas_skunks_abound_citizens_hall/ http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/sep/19/rob_douglas_skunks_abound_citizens_hall/ http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/sep/19/rob_douglas_skunks_abound_citizens_hall/ http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/sep/19/rob_douglas_skunks_abound_citizens_hall/ http://www.exploresteamboat.com/news/2009/sep/30/candidates_divided_financing_issue/







Jane and Kevin Bennett of Steamboat Springs CO must be the worst neighbors ever.

Kevin Bennett was convicted of conspiracy to sell hash but he was in public office for 8 years without admitting that even though the police reported to him and he determined their salaries. 

Land in Steamboat Springs is expensive and Bennetts wanted more. They wanted more parking so they fenced off 6000 square feet of city owned land on Princeton Ave.  They sent the police to say that my children couldn’t go on the city owned land and I was threatened with assault if I went on the city owned land.  A police officer filed a 14-page report about these threats but the police chose to let them continue.

Then Bennetts wanted more so the city ordered that I had to have a gardening permit.  Noone else in Steamboat Springs ever obtained a gardening permit or a trimming permit. The city manager threatened to prosecute me in municipal court for trimming without a trimming permit even though no one else had trimming permits either. The municipal judge reported to the city council.  Two city lawyers told my husband and I that I would be criminally prosecuted in municipal court unless we signed an agreement with Kevin and Jane Bennett giving up our rights to Princeton Ave and selling them land for $1.  The D.A. and the police claimed that these threats of criminal prosecution and the demand to sell the city council president land for $1 as a condition of avoiding prosecution was legal.

After getting the land, the Bennetts built extra buildings that violated the zoning. They got the city planning services director Wendy Schulenburg Rooney to lie under oath and state that she was a certified planner, a member of the AICP, and that Bennetts’ extra buildings complied with the zoning.  But 10 years later, the extra buildings still haven’t been added to the Routt County property tax rolls for PIN 222800001 at 701 Princeton Ave. The property tax rolls show that the square feet of building area is only 2,343 same as it was in 1950 but the building permits show that more than 2300 square feet of extra buildings were constructed in 2000 in addition. Reportedly the Bennetts were planning to install a bring your horse bed and breakfast in their low-density residential property.


I complained about the zoning violations so Mrs. Jane Bennett and her lawyer Randall Klauzer claimed that I molested her even though we were never ever alone at all and never even had coffee.  She claimed under oath that I shook her hand in a public meeting once and that was the extent of our physical relationship.  I never even thought about having sex with Jane Bennett until Judge Garrecht decided that I had molested her.   They got the judge to issue a restraining order on me without citing a statutory basis on any paper or in court.  I only had three days advance notice, before going to court and Judge Garrecht would not grant me a continuance to get a lawyer.  The judge said that I would never be able to find a constitutional lawyer who would sue the City of Steamboat Springs CO.   Remember that there is no constitutional law if you are ever stupid enough to think of moving to Steamboat Springs CO.  Don’t make the same mistake I did and live in a place that doesn’t recognize the constitution. 


Once she got the restraining order Mrs. Jane Bennett followed me around Steamboat Springs asking the police to arrest me anytime she got near me.  She actually filed a police report saying that she was following me trying to take my picture to prove that she was near me.  I could be inside my own house and be in violation of the restraining order because she could stand on the property line and claim that I was too close to her.    Jane Bennett asked the police who  worked for her husband to arrest me for being in my yard when she walked by.  She reported to the police that she saw me waiting for a walk light while she was in a store and therefore they should arrest me. And she sent the police to my minor son’s school. The police also refused to investigate a bullet hole through our window at 750 Princeton Ave.

I filed a motion in court asking to have the restraining order dissolved on the basis that it adversely affected my employability and reputation and it was issued without the required findings and without citation of a statute and based on perjury.  I had filed a similar motion years ago and Judge Garrecht denied it without giving any reasons and then without giving any reasons he ordered me to pay her $450.   Without my knowledge and without a court order for attachment Bennett’s lawyer filed a lien on my deed. I had to sell my house to Jane Bennett’s lawyer because it wasn’t safe for us to live there anymore and when the title cleared she got her money.   This is on the public Routt County clerk and recorder’s records as Reception # 554637 dated 11/14/01 but on 2/2/10 Jane Bennett filed in court under penalty of perjury that she never got the money.

Jane Bennett also asked to have me criminally prosecuted. She signed a form as police officer. There wasn’t any warrant or affidavit of probable cause as is required by the 4th Amendment and the Rules of Criminal Procedure. The D.A. Elizabeth Wittemyer was married to a real estate developer and apparently the city council helped him get a permit for a new ski area that the Wittemyers tried to sell for $20 million even though it was just vacant land. When I pled not guilty, Elizabeth Wittemyer and the Colorado 14th Judicial district dismissed the criminal complaint that Jane Bennett instituted  by signing papers as a police officer but Mrs. Wittemyer gave a statement that Jane Bennett was my victim but that a trial would be too expensive.  I was accused of telling Jane Bennett that just because her husband was president of the city council didn’t give her a right to break the law.  I was accused of saying this while I was on the street in front of my home in the afternoon and she was with three men 30 feet away. That is what Judge James Garrecht calls “molestation”.  Wittemyer was required by the Rules of Criminal Procedure to have a hearing in open court if she was going to dismiss the charges but she violated that law and then she altered the required form.  So Mrs. Wittemyer denied me a name clearing hearing and then her husband tried to sell a new ski area for $20 million.

When I tried to sue the Bennetts and Wittemyer in federal court, Mrs. Wittemyer bought insurance from Lloyds of London. Lloyds paid for a discussion of case assignment issues and then my case was transferred to former federal judge Naughty Nottingham, who was reportedly already having weekly appointments with prostitutes for prostitiution. The Lloyds lawyer who represented both Wittemyer and Kevin Bennett billed for more than 20 calls to and from the federal court to discuss how pending motions should be handled. The city attorney billed the city of Steamboat Springs for a conference call with the magistrate to which we weren’t invited.  Then Nottingham violated the Speedy Trial Act and a lot of other laws by ordering me held in jail without criminal information being filed, an arraignment, or a trial until I did what the Bennetts wanted.  I always suspected that Kevin Bennett paid for Edward Nottingham’s prostitutes but I can’t prove that. Although it doesn’t sound like Nottingham could afford his entertainment.

Meanwhile the Steamboat Pilot has reported that the Routt County Assessor Mike Kerrigan found that there are many illegal buildings and enforcement of the regulations is lax.  And the City doesn't want to have an audit of missing funds   




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