I'm Alone In This.

My whole life I have felt unequal. As I get older... I feel it getting worse and worse. Media kills me. No matter what there is always someone who will be better than me. I should accept it but the problem is that it hurts too much. My relationship if affected. I can't even watch a movie without feeling depressed because of how pretty the actresses are. It hurts to be me. If I could just think more positive.. I wouldn't need to reach out for help. I would like to just give up and settle for myself but I can't even bring myself to do this. This is painful.. I am my worst enemy. 
alesselina alesselina
2 Responses May 5, 2012

That makes 3 of us! It does feel like it gets worse the older we get. You would think we'd grow out of it, right? Media is a killer...I definitely agree. I wish I had the answers.

I can totally relate, and I too am hoping someone can give me hope, something that will help me to feel better about me. I hope we can both find something :)