So, when I was about 9, (5'0) was my height. My hair completely past my shoulders, resting against my thighs. Lots of my friends called me Rapunzel. But there was one problem. My hair was and is soo thick!! It was like trying to comb a jungle. It was awful. And one day, when I wasn't paying attention to my mom who was braiding my hair, snip snip down on the floor. My hair reached my shoulders. But I'm 13 almost 14 and it already grew back. I yelled at my mom soo much that day. So now I'm nearly 5'7 and my hair is back to its natural beauty. I won't ever let her cut it again, lol. Not the point that my hair is so long or anything, it super thick. My mom was Portuguese and born with thick brown hair, and my dad and uncles and two aunts are African American, and they all have REALLY thick hair. So now my hair is super thick. Once at school, my friend tried undoing the braids but couldn't out them back and my hair went (POOF)! It was bad lol. So, that is my lifelong story of my hair jungle.
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That sounds awesome!