I get those too! I once was on the phone with my friend's mom and she told me she needed to talk to my mom and I had a feeling that she found my YouTube channel. Well she did. Then I had a dream that my friend killed herself, months later she ended up in a mental hospital for almost killing herself. Then one time me and my friend were walking in the dark and I had the bad feeling and some guy chase us in his truck. Then I had another bad feeling when some guy turned his car in the street I was walking on, he almost kidnap me. Then I had a dream about my stepdad dying in a bus accident he was driving that weekend. That same weekend he passed away. On that day, while my mom was on the phone with the doctors, I was outside waiting for answers. All of a sudden my heart dropped, I felt darken and sick, my stepdad passed away. Some feelings I get aren't bad. I had a feeling while my family was driving back home from Ohio, that my brother was at my house. Like I was so sure he was at my house when there's like no proof cause I'm in a different state as him. When we got home I saw his car in the driveway.
coolreturn coolreturn
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2014