Is This For Real??

joyce marfo to me
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"i came online but you were not there so i will come online in the evening time for us to talk, upon all what has happened i love you and i really want to come to you so have patience and talk to me as a man and a wife it pain me that am still in Ghana but i hope if you would have give me your mind like i hope i am with you by now ..""   ""'''

.Joyce has asked for money,  and when i say  'yes of course i send you some money',    for this or that what ever,  she says;    how much u send?     The airtravel to here, by the way,  will cost  four and a half grand.  And she wants me to send the money to her via Western Union,  or to an  unknown bank account number.   And i am struggleing with this.   Shes under my skinn and i want this to be for real.    I need continual advice to see this as to wat it really is.   And that doesnt include abusive smart alec putting down either.  If you cant advise without getting irate,  dont open your gob.  I dont wanna hear it!
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Kia ora lafsnack, <br />
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Initially I am saddened by this post as there are many aspects to it, the main thing coming through is your desparation for it to be real. The first thing that stands out to me are the words she has written to capture you...about loving you and conversing as man and wife. The next thing is your honesty in revealling your replies to her and the content of your readily you will send her money. If she loved you and you loved her and you had the money to send her, could you not use the money to visit her? <br />
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I am aware many are saying it is a scam and my intuition says it is. If it is, I am sorry for the hurt and betrayal you will feel. Hearts are more fragile then wallets so be careful, take care of yourself and maybe look closer to home, it does not cost $4,500 to get anywhere in Aotearoa NZ or anywhere in the Pacific ;)

Hate this story now. Im so over it.

No it is not for real, please learn from your mistakes. Don't be taken advantage of.

So what did you do, that was all a bit back, so where are you now? yep I am nosey. just wondering are you fine? I hope so!

i live at a beach in Nelson Nz.

I can tell you to be careful ....<br />
i know a lot of people who get scammed this way..,i know what it is to be in love too by the way you and i should talk.

I had two experiences with Nigerian scammers; my idealism that humankind couldn't be THAT bad and seemed to need help made me give credence to their stories. Both quite different scenarios, both took a lot of effort and time to do what they did... But... I suppose one could say that they are human brothers and sisters who like us have to survive somehow, and that's the way they have elected to do it. It won't get them any 'brownie points', when they return home to the higher dimensions and see the significance of what they've done. But that's life (down here in the Turd Dimension!)

Yes this seems to be the general consensus developing in the minds of Epeeps.

Shes gona take the money and run aint she; well she doesnt hav to even run.

don't give money, they keep on asking forever , i know - i was stupid

I was stupid too