Love Is Overrated

I know the Bible teaches we must love our neighbor as ourself...

But really come on!!!

We are just human, and I am happy to be just human... I am happy to be imperfect and not capable to love perfectly everyone, the ALL... I am happy that I don't have the ability to love all... Because honestly it would have driven me insane.

Love is seriously overrated and sometimes you just have to say f...u...c..k it and move on with your life!!!

I am not talking about Love between two people, but love you have for man/society in general... It is simply impossible to LOVE everybody with the same intensity you can only love your true Love. For every man is NOT the ONE, and will never be the ONE or your knight in shining armour... They could care less really, they have no care in the world for who you really are and how you feel, the struggles you have to endure and your dreams...
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012