He Doesn't...he Can't

He doesn't see through my eyes like you do
He doesn't feel me like you do...

How could I have ever been so foolish
To fall for the illusion that he ever could be the man you are for me

My faith so little not seeing what I should see
Only what I can see of physical senses

I know now that you can't see love
Only feel it...

It is something only blind people would understand
Those who are willing to close their eyes to the world and open it up to a reality beyond this realm...

He looks like a man on the surface perfect outlines and silhouette,
But he is no man within only a shadow....so empty and poor lacking the fullness of the light...

I have to close my eyes to his physical appearance that can fool making you believe that he is a soldier with a stout heart
Because in truth beneath the uniform and medals he has no heart nor soul....

He is but an empty bag filled with ash and dust
Which of breath it lacks.....
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012