Thought About Having Sex For Money

Well, I look at at it as a service and a continuing sexual education for cougars and hot wifes..i would like to do it to see the woman feel the pleasure of buying!!!!
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Right now i need the money and i have been from Job to job and right now the jobs are not paying right.

There would be a certain "enhanced feeling" to actually slip you some money to service my wife. What a step out of character that would be for me. But it does, for some reason, have it's own charm and allure.

hmmm.. this made me laugh and think at the same time!!!<br />
I guess it's because you made me realize.. that I go beyond that.. the "buying"... I like to own. To be the sole proprietor!!! I like to take care of and love my man and own him. <br />
It's a problem in a way... it attracts loser type men usually..... it has been my experience. I would like to meet a man that challenges me and one day owns me!... I would really like that :)))<br />
<br />
Nice thought u have though! If you re giving a free service, you might want to reconsider! LOL >> cute story.. I see you like to speak your thoughts! I like that!<br />
<br />
Love and Peace,<br />

It's not my story! I like to Comment on other stories. What is wrong with that?