I just can't stop thinking about it, would anti-depressants help? Idk i feel like i can't do it yet im constantly depressed, and always think about it. I don't mean to sound like bragging, I mean a lot of people know me, im popular, have a lot of close friends. I always deal with this, people keep saying im a great person blah blah blah im amazing, but i sure don't feel like it, underneath in miserable, im dealing with a really bad concussion right now its awful, read my other story to hear that. I don't know if i have my moms genes or what for it, my own mother tried to commit suicide by pills, she threw them all up thank the lord. My uncle committed suicide, am i another one to join? Feel like i have their genes and makes me hate myself.
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I say remember the good times hold on to them, think really hard really really hard every deep in u and search for something that tells u "you're not here for nothing, you;re here for something" it might take some time i know it took me a while but i got it. Just hold on, if u dont like what ur family members did then use that so that wont happen to u. Stay strong.

sounds like you need to see a counselor or just talk to someone like that who can help. anti-depressents help some people but not others. heard it can make you suicidal too as a side effect. so if you are thinking of it now, not sure it's a good idea to go that route. but like i said, a dr can help you get to the bottom of things. maybe find the route cause of your depression. <br />
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alot of people get depressed some consider suicide. some do kill themselves, before they realize what they have to live for. life is a balancing act. it is messy sometimes. won't be all roses like we would like it to be. unfortunately that isn't reality.

thanks man, im seeing a doc now.. i guess its working