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I have this fantasy of me standing in an isolated place, just me and a handgun. I get it ready to shoot, close my eyes, stick it in my mouth, pull the trigger, and I'm dead. Other times I fantasize of overdosing, of just getting out of here. I'm tired of it.
minibenny minibenny 18-21, F 1 Response Aug 9, 2012

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Please- never take your life at all. Such a sad story. Why is your life unbearable at such a young age? Please take one day at a time. A solution will come for your problems.

Always remember that there are many folks with terminal illnesses who wish they had another day, month, or year to live. Please do take care & I hope you will live.

Hi! Just want to let you know that this was over a year ago. At this point in time I'm healthy, happy, enjoying every day and working through my depression. Fortunately some of the issues that were plaguing me at that point in time have passed. Honestly, when I read this story now I feel shocked that my depression was that severe. However, by the mercy of God I am on a much better path. Thank you for your comment and support!