Even after my O.D i still think about cutting i havent yet but it's like every time im in a low mood when i feel like life's got nufing for me i just wanna cut myself really deep because in that moment of time death sounds pretty good.
ohmylife ohmylife 13-15, F 2 Responses Nov 24, 2012

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hi ohmylife
i think it will take a while to see the bright site of life.....but you can make it....i belive that you will find the life you are looking for.please give yourself as many chances as you need! please dont give up.

Let me brighten up ya day a bit....

Sorry for my fear, yet tis too late to write
or visit as you asked.
I feel i let you die
I've chosen guilt over joy
and so my elegy is for me.

I knew you serenity, compassion, integrity.
you wanted to know that other world
while still alive.

"Death is not a problem to be solved. Tis a mystery too be earned into"
Then you have what you wanted?
Then there's no need for another poem...