Did You Think About What Happens If You Dont Succeed??

I am the poster child for suicide attempts. I have borderline personality disorder and have attempted suicide at least 30 times. Ive slit my wrist, got ten staples and thrown in detox for 3 days.

I drank about 16 ounces of antifreeze and took 300 anxiety pills. They found me the next day and i was in the ICU on life support, dialysis and in a coma. I had a grand mal seizure while unconscious, renal kidney failure and a hypoxic brain injury. Waking up was a fate worse than death. I was hospitalized for about a month while I learned to walk, talk, use my motor skills, write, eat, shower - everything. Then i was sent to a mental hospital for a week. Im permanently disabled now, my speech is slurred, i have a hard time with balance and fall often. I had a great job making a lot of money, a fast new car, and everything else.

Now I cant work, I get headaches all the time, I cant drive, wear flip flops or heels, I cant run, and i drop stuff constantly. I think the brain injury made my mental illness worse.

Ive heard stories about people shooting themselves in the head and living, people try to hang themselves but end up cutting off the oxygen to your brain and leaving you mentally retarded, and people swallowing razor blades and the horrible repercussions. Dont try it!!
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This is the most important post about suicide I have seen on EP. Many times when I come across someone talking about the subject on here I feel like telling them to read this, but I respect your privacy. I am sure you could write a great book about it, and it would be such a welcome eye-opener for thousands of people!