My Messed Up Life

So my mother died when I was 3 leaving me with a very abusive father who beat the **** out of me everyday but no one cared. I was molested by my grandfather when I was 7 but of course my father didnt believe me and i was told to keep my mouth shut. My bastard of a father finally died when I was 11 leaving me with my step family because my real family abandoned me. My brother even left me when he got the chance and still havent talked to him. When I turned 18 thought I was gonna change my life for the best and go to college until some frat boy decided to drug and rape me. Its a wonder I havent committed suicide yet...
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My feelings can very easily relate to a person who has had such a hard life through past years that its drained them emotionally. What I have learned through a life with more than once that I should have become very dead through suicide attempts with the first when I was 12 due no real family life, no upbringing and a gay uncle, what I came to learn is to never put any trust or confidence in people, religions, beliefs, education or anything of this world while just dumping all my worries, needs, depression, sorrows and everything directly on God who really cares while totally removing other humans like pastors, reverends, ministers, evangelists as shepherds who no not truth or even God according to His own words over three billion believers do not believe.

You are young with a rough past, just give to to God while asking for inner peace and direction according to His will, and God will help you.

I have tried going to religion but "God" hasn't shown me the way. It is hard to believe in someone who is supposedly looking out for me but then lets all these horrible things happen to me, while I look around seeing everyone else around me whose greatest trial in life is the loss of a 80 year old grandmother.

I am 57 with zero association with any man made religions or beliefs on this planet, therefore can understand what God allows while also believing His every word; I have had a very hard life and still do with the last on earth to care being religious people. We live within a totally mislead world which makes finding God in truth impossible for all but the few who really want to know Him in truth; and if that want for knowledge is written in your heart, God will draw you into truth whereas a would full of lip love and praising God while not believing all He speaks against religious people will never gain understanding until His punishment comes upon all civilization. You may find some interest in my hundreds of writings regarding truth.

In the religions of man there is no hope, so says God. But directly or through a man that looks only to God, truth can be found. You take care knolen.

I quit believing in gods years ago, my situation is nowhere near you problems, but I saw it the same way if you can't see, don't believe it. At the end of the day you have to look out for youself and love ones. If you want to understand why some believe make you suffer, you should study some Friedrich Nietzsche "Slaves Morality" it should help a bit.

Instead create your own morality and values, like I did, if you wanna talk we can talk.

Correct, many people don't understand a God(Male supreme version of a Diety) is meant for moral support, not a genie that does what you want to do in the real world that's why you have to have faith in them.

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