No One Will Find My Body

I have this plan. I live in the mountains, ski far out in the backcountry, bring no extra clothing, no food, no water. Bring a sharp knife, maybe a few. Bring some whiskey and finish 40oz. Cut my left arm at the ac, go deep to catch the brachial artery. Hopefully have enough strength with the left arm to do the right. By then it should be cold, maybe even snowing, numb my body with the alcohol, and the cold.
The heart will not receive enough blood. Shutting perfusion to my extremeties, increasing my heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. Until I hit decompensated shock. Than it will all slow down, the snow surrounding me, darkness, emptiness.
If the blood isn't enough, the cold will get me.

I'm not sure where I will go, but no one will know.
An overnight trip in the dark.

A letter to my parents, you've done your best, I am just selfish. There is no point. I do what I want, and this is it. There is nothing left to want. Just death.
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22-25, F
Jan 18, 2013