Throughout my life I have thought of suicide so many times. I've hit rock bottom and somehow managed to crawl back up from it.
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Hey I've thought about it too

I used to think about it almost daily a while back. Luckily it hasn't been on my thoughts for past few months

Idk if I should die or not someone told me to kill myself so that made me think about it

You definitely shouldn't. Anyone who tells you to kill yourself is just an evil person. Don't take notice of the negative people in this world

Hi Matty, I understand all too well how you feel. The loneliness the emptiness, and all that goes along with it. I too have thought of suicide so many times. And actually have only been seconds away from it. When I decided just one more day, that tiny bit of hope hope get me back. Life is a struggle, there's a lot of people understand what you feel. Just keep reaching out to people, perhaps volunteer at a disabled venue. Just talking to people in the same situation may help you as much as them.
Keep going sue

I've struggled with it all my life and I too have come insanely close to actually doing it. These days things are a little better. I still have things to figure out in my head but I seem to have that feeling of suicide a lot less than I did