I just got out of a mental hospital for suicdal thoughts and planning hated every second won't go back in my own cops will have to take me
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I know how you feel. I think about suicide all the time.

that would be a terrible thing for you to end your life , and i know life loves to kick you when your down but be strong and try to pull thru. i have been down this road before if you ever need someone to talk to please contact me and i will be there to help

Im sorry You went thru this I was in a hospital for 2 weeks a few years ago.It was mostly a good experience but I could not stand the shrink I had there and I almost went to a state facility because of Him.

I hated mine too he wasn't listening and I have been to a state facility twice wish my brain worked right

Give it time.I have a ways to go but Ive come a good ways too.

I'm trying but it's really hard

I know.Just hang in there.Your not alone.

Thank you I'm trying hard too

Your welcome. Im here.

If You'd like,check out my profile,my post,and my friends,and add Me if You would like too.

Ok I will

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