I Have...

i ve done more than think about it, i have done it and along with a large amount of vodka and pills, i waited till it happened but unfortunately i went to work a few hours later because i thought i could accelerate the effect and it did ....i was found passed out in the middle of the hallway in a pool of green vomit, i couldnt talk was very lethargic and i found it very hard to keep my self awake...i was taken to hospital where i was given charcoal tablets to help absorb and push through the meds, i was so pissed off because the doctors looked at me grimly and told me that i was soo lucky that helped had arrived or i would be here sitting in the hospital bed...
goddammit!! i wanted to die and yet again some good samaritan thought they would save the day ffs it is the one time where someone steps in wtf is that ?
leftoutforever leftoutforever
1 Response Jun 19, 2011

Ugh, I completely feel you here. Been there, been on the charcoal, woke up discouraged. I can't believe they are stupid enough to say how lucky we are. Best sleep of my life even though it came to an end. I guess, being in there shoes, I can understand, but at the same time I don't. It's not like it was an accident. I haven't actively tried lately, but I'm still in the same place mentally. I truly hope you're hanging in there, I can definitely feel your pain.