I'm Not Sure If I'm Glad I Haven't Done It Get.

There have been times I'm in so much pain, my heart wells in grief until the pressure gets to me so much it bursts. I. Just. Want. To. Die. Sometimes. I hate it, it makes me feel so weak and so unlike the strong person I always fancied myself to be. Because of all the health problems my parents have had over the years, there's always an abundance of pills in my house. Sometimes, I want to swallow them, bottle after bottle, pill after pill. I hate it. But sometimes the urge is just so strong. To stop feeling the pain, to end the problems that torment me. To make everything better. Unlike my life, death is stable and constant. Life is a gift. I know this, and get the urge to take my own is one I know but all too well...
cowchicken cowchicken
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1 Response Jun 28, 2012

My marriage is nearly at a end and being honest was a mistake coz I got crapped on anyway. And iv been thinking of overdosing on my meds but I am scared of losing my husband but at the same time I want to die:-( I don't know Wat to do:-(