Every Day

I think about overdosing every day. I think about ways to kill myself... more now then ever, I have nothing left to take...
Jayyymz Jayyymz
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 12, 2012

people always want to know more or they have been there and come through or just simply dont have a clue truth is i have taken multiple overdoses sought many mental health teams all to no avail got to the point where i just want a like minded person by my side dont want to fight or explain or convince somebody that i am sure about what i am doing just want someone at my side who feels the same

I tried to overdose 5-6 times but it never worked luckly i wasn't harmed by all of the medications i took.. I feel abit better now that I posted my story and told everyone why I did what I did, I also think about alot of ways to kill myself even CRAZY things like - Getting someone to cut my insides out and watch me bleed to death or get run over by a truck or car - but even though I think about those stuff I dont think i will be able to do it, I cant do it because I will regret leaving those very special and important people behind...randomfille is right!! YOUR DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!