This Could Be It....

This i was getting some medicine for my nose, I saw a bottle of pills in the cabinet for "oxycodone" I could possibly overdose on that. Take 1 every once in awhile and keep hiding them somewhere in my room until I have enough to OD.

I have taken it before 2yrs ago, my friend was in a car crash and i was dogsitting and took someone else's pills and crushed them up and i snorted them 4 times not all at once, different times, it didn't work bc it did nothing to me at all.

So hopefully, I can do this without getting caught and make sure I can do this....right =)
xemohellokittyx xemohellokittyx
18-21, F
5 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Find a Dr. Considering suicide should be taken seriously and it might help to know you don't have to feel so bad. Therapy should help

Whats the problems? Whats making you feel this way?

U can see the word Death on her forhead just let it happen one less person to deal with smh use your head girl

your either saying for me to commit suicde but then your saying that I shouldn't

You shouldn't!!! But i couldn't stop my best it was too late for her she od

I'm thinking about it

No! Honey dont!!!!please:,(