The Wrong Lid For The Wrong Pot

Nothing seems to ever work out as it should. It's been poking at me all my life and I am sick of fighting it and putting on a brave face pretending it will get better. I fit nowhere and with nobody...I never have. I have nobody to confide in that I want to trust with this secret. I am at a point where the only thing that feels good is the thought that it can all stop with the help of a handful of pills. What I fear is that I may not succeed and end up in a hospital bed brain damaged and dependant on others.Family friends career everything sucks one way or another. I have been in bed all weekend contemplating what to do. I put in a search to find out just how many of what to take and I found this site. I've got nothing to loose as there is no fun in my life . This is where I'm at. Contemplating .
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

i feel the same way and have nowhere to run to and nobody to talk to, the only way for me is to end my life

Hi Neil thank you for your post. If you would like to talk please message me. Maybe we can help each other .

You got my attention when you said "I fit nowhere,with no one"'. I myself have been looking at lots of different internet sites looking for a place to "fit". I spend a lot of time lying in bed (lights out), no point in getting up. things will only get worse from there, unless I'm high,& that only helps a little & very temporarily. I recently swallowed a 50 ct. bottle of ibuprofen. I slept good but....anyway, I just had to comment to say I know where you are, cause there's no life in my life. ya know ? maybe it's not meant for us to go anywhere yet. I don't know. I just hope something gets even a little better. For both of us.

Hey Tough break I'm here if you want to talk .Thank you for being so honest's not easy when your mind is in such pain but I hope we can talk maybe help each other.