Im Going To Do It.....

I have a bottle of tylonol. Two things of nightime cough syrup. I dont want to live anymore.....i call myself an atheist, but i guess i know im going to hell.....i dont even care. My friends are crying, and all i can think is it'll be over soon. Not soon enough. The guy that i care for is telling me that hes going to kill himself too. All because of me. I just feel mainly numb..... a little upset. But its like this fuzz is just covering everything....i dont care. Because im going to die anyway. They want me to get help. I cant. Im homeschooled, never get out of house. Not allowed to use telephone. Noone actually getting people telling me to do it. I just want to die...
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Yeah, I am. Sorry for not getting back. Hospital stay, a bunch of crud....stuff has actually been getting worse,but y'know.

Hey are you still Alive?!

Oh my God, please don't do it. Run away from home, your bf is nuts. You two are not Romeo and Juliet; and suicide isn't romantic. These feelings will pass if you just give it a little time. Nothing is worth you taking your just beginning life.