does anybody else just get seriously intense urges to hurt or harm someone or something physically for no particular reason???
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Sometimes I'm so mad, I feel like going on a killing spree.

Like sometimes you just want to go all Batman/Bond on random people in the hallway and see of you can take on twenty guys and how many you can punch out before they get you?

yes and no, sometimes it's more of a 'remove the insides of the victim using a cost hanger through their nose then bathe in their blood'. and sometimes it's not just random people, it's classmates and friends aswell. god help them if I didn't have some sort of self control.

coat hanger**

Well that escalated quickly

I don't think you should be afraid they'd be harmed, I think you should be afraid you'd be harmed. Where you to do that around me I cannot say that I'd kill you unless human life had been taken or was seriously harmed but I can guarantee that you may or may not walk away however badly beaten up you ar.

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