I have been dealing with thygeson's spk for about a year now. I am so pissed because I have to wear glasses because of the thygesons, and I would love to know what causes it. However, it seems all the doctors have no interest in finding a cure, or anything. I wish I could just cut my eyes out, and get new ones. Also my eyes frequently bug me lately, and I am sick of explaining to others that I am not stoned (sometimes my eyes get blood shot red), and that it is from the thygesons! I went to another specialist who can fit me with different types of contacts, but the contacts cost like $1,500! I am hopeful it just goes away, but everything I read about it says it is chronic. 
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I understand completely. I've had it for about five years myself and have to wear sunglasses and get the bloodshot eyes. I do actually plan on majoring in medical science so I can start researching for a cure because my doctor doesn't know much about it. I'm the only patient he's ever diagnosed. If need be, you can contact me at I am more than willing to hear your problems through the times you have flare up. Along with anyone out there!
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Sorry James, but I understand how you feel. I hate wearing my glasses, but the contacts drive me nuts. I also look like I am stoned most of the time or that I have been crying my eyes out. Hang in there and keep reading and hopefully someone somewhere will be able to help us.

Helps me Rebecca!<br />
I'll be talking to my eye specialist about them. Also this other thing I'll be asking about is the Cyclosporin drops 2% concentrate from C.A.<br />
Hopefully you can get some in Australia.

Can you let me know what you found. Out about cyclosporin treatment because my husband and I just read about this. Our daughter is 6 and this has been going on a year and a half for her. Any information you could pass on would be so appreciated!:) Thank you!!

I have had Thygesons since I was in high school, I am now 34. I actually wear lenses called Air Optix Night and Day, by CIBA VISION. They used to be called Focus Night and Day, but they changed the name for some odd reason. I was prescribed these lenses for use with my Thygesons as a bandage lens, but they do have a prescription in them. You can wear these lenses continuously for days when you have a flareup, and they are like a miracle. I can barely leave the house without them when I have a full blown flare up. You should request your doctor at least let you try them out on a supervised basis, and you will be surprised with the results.<br />
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These lenses in particular, are best for this specific eye disease because they have a very low water content, so they don't dry out your eyes like other lenses. Lenses that have a higher water content require more water, so if you don't put in any rewetting drops throughout the day, your lenses will take the water it needs from your eyes, and make your eyes feel dryer, which is not so good for a Thygesons patient.<br />
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Hope this helps!