I Have Thygesons For 20+ Years

I have had Thygesons since high school, and though at times it has been a struggle, it becomes something that you learn to live with.

I currently have a flare up, which used to be a big deal, but I have learned how to feel the symptoms coming on, and start treatment with the drops I have at home.

There has been a lifesaver to my treatment, and its not a cure, but it helps me function.  And when I say function, I mean be able to get out of bed, go to work, and be a human being.

My miracle is called AIR OPTIX Night and Day by CIBA VISION.  These are a low water, soft contact lens, that I wear as a bandage, but also contains my vision prescription.  When my eyes are flared up, the irritation of my eye lid running acrossed my cornea a million times a day when my cornea is so damaged, only seems to make things worse.  When I put in this lens, its like an instant bandaid on my cornea, and though it does not make me 100 percent pain free, it makes me able to leave the house, drive to work, and go about my day.  I do still wear sunglasses with my lenses, as I said because it doesn't fix the problem 100 percent.  The nice thing about it, is that if I am not flared, and not wearing it, I can stick it in the solution until the next time I need it.  Needless to say, I always have contacts in my purse or at work, just incase.  I do feel that the drops do work better without the lenses in, so I put a drop in before I insert my lenses, and try to take them out after work.  The nice thing about these lenses, is that when my eyes are REALLY BAD, its safe to leave them in for a couple days straight.  These lenses are approved for sleeping, and you can wear these for upto 30 continuous day and nights.  I personally like to take them out every few days just to let them sit in the solution, because they feel fresher.

I live 30 minutes from my corneal specialist, so its not so easy to be dependent on someone that I cannot get to.  Its impossible to drive 30 minutes with a full blown flare up.  Its much easier to have everything I need right at home, so I can take care of myself, and check in with my doctor on occasion for refills etc.

For those of you that do not have medical insurance, you can talk to your doctor about getting free eye medication from Allergan.  A few years back, I did not have medical insurance, and I applied for free medication with them, and they send me a 12 month supply of eye medication, refresh drops, etc, shipped right to my doctor.  Your doctor just fills out the form with you and sends it in.

I hope this helps a lot of you.
rebeccaannewelsch rebeccaannewelsch
1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Hi, what kind of drops are you talking about? Are they steriod drops?