No Cause, No Cure, Just Treatment, Endless Treatment

I first developed symptoms a year after recovering from Lyme Disease. I had developed Lyme and it went untreated for 4 months. A three day hospital stay and some antibiotics later, I recovered, except that my eye doctor noticed that I developed anisocoria. In fact, he wanted to know when I had a head injury since both of my pupils were extremely uneven. I had also developed a significant blind spot in my interior periferal vision in my right eye - the same eye that was not dialating correctly. After undergoing an MRI and neurological examination, it was determined the cause was unknown and it would probably resolve on its own - which it did.

Then a year later my eyes started to feel like they had sand in them. I also was getting a lot of mucousal discharge, which I thought was due to allergies. But it kept getting worse, and my eyes were getting redder. I finally went to the eye doctor who noticed that I had keratitis and gave me some eye drops. But my eyes were not getting better. We kept switching eye drops and eventually, I made a slow recovery - but it took about two months and six different eye drops. It didn't recur until 5 years later.

By that time I went to the doctor with an abrasion so bad that he wasn't sure if it was not going to scar my cornea. When the abrasion cleared up his assistant noticed the "puncates" on my eyes and I finally received an official diagnosis of TSPK. I endured months of treatment, trying one eye drop to treat one set of symptoms after another. The pain and discomfort was bad enough, but it became difficult to drive at night because I could not see clearly. It took about 4 months of treatment but I finally went into remission.

Now I am experiencing a severe flare up - mainly in my left eye. There is an abraision and I had to call the doctor and have him call in yet another RX for a different eye drop because I am not responding to the steriod drops. The pain is just awful. I am probably looking at another six months of treatment.

This syndrome or disease or whatever you want to call it has no cause (maybe viral, maybe this, maybe that) and since it is not deadly, I doubt some drug company is going to come out with a cure for it. Just treatment of symptoms... endless treatment but never a resolution.
njgamehen njgamehen
Sep 15, 2012