Thygesons What?!!

Hi. My name is Kalita and I'm from Melbourne Australia. I was diagnosed with thygesons "whatever u call it" in January of this year. I had never heard of this disease and I honestly thought that I was having eye problems because I believed that my toddler had possibly scratched my eyes. But nope. After spending my birthday at the eye and ear hospital emergency room I was told I had Thygesons. I started steroid treatment for it straight away and about 5 mths later it went into remission. Now, six months later, it's back!! And with a vengeance! I feel like I have glass in my eyes, I constantly want to rub or scratch my eyes, they sting so badly, my vision is so blurry and I think I'm turning into a vampire! I HATE light sooo much. Thank The Lord for sunglasses!! How does everyone else deal with this? I'm on steroid eyedrops right now and lubricant gel drops. Both of which I take every 4 hrs. But it's not responding. In fact, it feels worse! I have my next eye specialist appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping there is SOME improvement, but I doubt it. It feels so much worse than last week. Aaaauugghhh. How do you all manage? Any magic remedies?! HELP!!!!
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At its worst my eyes will feel like they have soap in them but if I cry a bit the stinging stops and won't return for a few minutes. I get the light sensitivity and blurred vision as well, sunglasses are great.
I'm sorry to say I have no magic remedies. If my eyes are bad for a few days I administer some FML drops once or twice per day, then the symptoms disappear in a day or two. Mostly I try to ignore it.
If your experience is anything like mine you can expect it to disappear for a few months sometimes and then come back. I first had symptoms 8 or 9 years ago and just today my eyes started feeling funny for the first time in a few weeks. They will probably sting tomorrow. Hopefully it's cloudy.