I Have Thygeson's Superficial Punctate Keratitis

I have had TSPK since about 1997. Like many of you it took a long time to arrive at the correct diagnosis. I have only been treated with steroids on and off over the years in times of flare-ups. I have found that wearing dark glasses or tinted glasses does help particularly when using the computer. When I have a severe flare up I cannot watch TV and need to be in a darkened room. It is so nice to know I am not alone as I have been suffering for years and nobody else I know has heard of it!  (not that I would wish it on anyone!!).

I am definitely going to try the soft contacts as when I have an attack, blinking is excruciatingly painful. Over the years the number of attacks have reduced and sometimes they are mild and I can cope and at  other times I am straight down the hospital for steroids. It is really important to have your eye pressure checked regularly - mine is really high now (due to all the steroids) and I have been banned from having any for the time being. So I am pleased to read that there are other methods I can try. I have not had a severe attack for months now (touch wood!).  Some of you have related the attacks to when you are feeling 'run down', but I can honestly say that I am a really healthy person and rarely even have a cold. I am definitely photophobic and hate bright lights - which is so severe that when I drive in the dark the car headlights are too bright and I have to squint. I even think bright lights can trigger an attack. If I am in a building with bright lights I now where tinted glasses.  I hope one day there will be a cure. Best wishes to you all.

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I'm 18 and was diagnosed with TSPK when I was 15. My attacks have been so bad I've had to call into work, and miss school. I can't go outside, drive or even watch tv when I have a flare-up, which can sometimes last for days. I too have been on steroid drops, but I have to be very careful since glaucoma runs in my family. I wish doctors knew what causes these flare-ups so I could prevent it. Anyway, please let me know how the soft contacts work for you!