I just was told on Friday I have TSPK...I been reading ur stories and its scaring me to death...Im 38 been wearing contacts since i was about 22 had no problems did have an ulcer in my left eye once because i would sleep with them on.. but then learned not to anymore. Well I found a tear in my right contact lense and it was my last pear so removed them and wore my glasses  i thought that the tear  in my contact hurt me eye, but when it wasn't getting better after putting drops that i had from the last suguery i had in September ( eye pimple thats what i was told it was then used a different name but cant remember it). So now ever using the drops its still hurts and now i think its in my left eye now.. i go back to see the doctor on the 17th..I relly dont know y it started now i know i been stressed out a lot and we moved into a new building at work with these bright lights and i started wearing new contact (Acuve Oasys+ maybe i should go back to the ld ones i been wearing for years ( Coopers) maybe that the problem....Please Help sooooo scared.. I keep hearing that theirs no cure.. please cant be true.....

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god,i hope so,i pray for the day.

So far it's true. No cure. But I think they are working on it. They've experimented with surgery. Have to wait and see. It's caused from lots of different things. Could be the sun, Computer screens, beach sand etc etc. Everyone gets it from something different.(supposably). I don't care where it comes from any more I'm just waiting for the cure. Lets all keep pushing for it.