I Have Thyroid Cancer, Hurtle Cell

In November of 06 a radiologist doing a cararid artery scan found a large nodule on my thyroid.  My primary care physician refered me to an Ear, nose and throat doctor who redid the ultrasound and found it to be quite large and scheduled me for surgery in March of 2007.  In late Feburary (07) I saw my primary care doctor for a pre-op visit and we had a discussion about the surgery and I asked why a biopsy was not done.  She call the ENT doctor and cancel the surgery and insted schedulec a biopsy.  The biopsy showed a few herthie cells (no one told me) and was ruled beneigned.  They suggested going for ultrasounds every 6months to a year

Two weeks ago 07/09, In a routine visit with the endocranolist she found the nodule to be growing, not alot but still growing.  She checked the chart and found the report on the first biopsy and said it was only 95% certain that it wasn't cancer and suggested a repeat biopsy.  Just got back from the biopsy, readiologist did 5 sections and pathology was there.  There was alot of Hurtie cells and he informed me my physician would more than likely order surgery to have the thyroid removed.

I don't get why they didn't tell me upfront that it MAY be maligent and they really weren't sure. 

This happened at the Fletcher Allen Heath Care center in Burlington Vermont

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Thank you "Designing" for your giving of hope. I am new to this Hurthle Cell thyroid cancer that they are pretty certain I have. Tomorrow I meet with the surgeron to schedule everything. I am 24 years old, getting married next year and have been terrified at the words "Hurthle Cell" It is a breath of fresh air to come across positive people who are now cancer free while dealing with such a rough time. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I pray for both of you!

I was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell Thyroid Cancer in Jan. of '06 in Austin, TX. The malignant tumor was 7.2 centimeters in size - huge!!! My left side thyroid was removed on the 17th and after a twelve hour freeze, it was determined that I should have the right side removed the following day. I went directly to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Dr. Nicholas Sarlis was my inital Endocrine Cancer Specialist in Houston.<br />
After all testing was done, it was determined that the cancer had not metastized. "Thank You, Lord!" I then went through six weeks of external radation treatment and followed by radioactive iodine. I have been cancer free for almost four years. I return to MDACC, Houston, every six months for followup tests.