Thyroidectomy In Less Than A Week

For the past two years I am constantly cold. Ithought this was my anemia and completely ignored it. I also have been experiencing a low sex drive and my skin was constantly falling off not to mention my scalp as well. Seven months ago I was forced to leave work as I couldn't breathe. The hospital admitted me and found a large lump. After a week they let me and schedule an outpatient biopsy. I was already so weak and depressed. I was also pregnant. I called a week later for my biopsy results and they asked why I was calling sinceI wasnt a patient. My son was due mid November but born on September 4th. I bled so much they told my spouse I was going to die that night. I lived, thank God, but immediately after birth they told me I had cancer. The doctors apologized a million times for losing my medical records. This had been very tough as I was the main income in this house, and now I can't work, I'm constantly weak, and my soon is still on breathing monitors. I am now scheduled for a full thyroidectomy on Tuesday. I am absolutely terrified. I haven't had the best luck with doctors around here and have heard way too many disastrous stories.depression has kicked in hard and I could really use someone to talk to =(
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

There is already a cure for cancer. If they fail to cure you let me know I research cancer.