I Am Only 28 Years Old...

You never expect to have cancer when you are in your twenties but that is what has happened to me.  I was just diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  I am only 28 years old.  I have a daughter that is about to turn 3 years old.  I have a husband.  I just graduated college.  I never thought this would happen to me, but it did.

I noticed a lump on the front of my neck that looked like an Adam's Apple about 5 years ago.  I am not sure what I thought it was, but I ignored it.  I kick myself everyday for that.  While I was pregnant with my daughter, my OB told me I should go have the lump checked out and I ignored him and just thought it was nothing.  The lump gradually got larger, but I figured if it was really serious I would get sick. Cancer was the furthest thing from my mind.

There were symptoms that something was wrong but I just put them out of my mind.  I had always been thin and I began rapidly gaining weight.  Although my eating habits stayed the same.  The lump had also begun to hurt when it was touched and had become painful when swallowing.  I finally could not ignore the problem any longer when a second lump popped up a few months ago off to the side of the first one and began to grow at a more rapid rate.  The right side of my neck became noticeably larger than the left.

At my husband's urging I made an appointment with my PCP and he diagnosed me with a goiter and referred me to an endocrinologist.

The endocrinologist was laughing and joking with me until the ultrasound then he became very quiet. No more smiles, no more jokes.  He then told me to go out to the waiting room that they were going to set up to do a biopsy that day.  The ultrasound showed three nodules- one 4cm, one 1.5cm, one 5cm.  He did a FNA.  Five needles in each nodule.  Fifteen needles total.  The look on his face was not encouraging.  That appointment was a Tuesday.  He told me he would call me the next week with the results.

That was the longest week of my life.  I finally received the call from him at 4:45pm on Monday.  He told me he was sorry but the biopsy results came back that I had Papillary Cancer in my Thyroid and in my right lymph node.  I felt like my whole world crashed around me.  I couldn't breathe.  I had to tell my husband.  I cried.  I threw up.  he had to call and tell my parents that their baby girl had cancer.  It was the most horrible day of my life.  Some days are still like that, some days are better.

The next day a nurse from the surgeon/oncologist's office called me and set up an appointment.  I had that appointment yesterday. My surgery is scheduled for May 27th, so I still have another month of living with cancer inside of me, which is a terrible feeling.  I have a CT scan set up for next week to see how far the cancer has spread outside of my lymph node.  The surgeon is not very optimistic that it hasn't spread since the lymph node tumor is the 5cm tumor.  But the treatment is the same either way.

I am still in the middle of dealing with this and I am trying to stay strong for my daughter, my husband, my family, and myself.  I know that I have a long road ahead, but I will make it through! 

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Today is the 4th of January 2016. I just turned 23 last Dec 31st 2015. I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer on Dec. 17, 2015. I am supposed to go back to school on the 11th of January, but I have to cancel that because I will be undergoing surgery on Jan.18,2016. I have a mass nodule in the left lobe of my thyroid. They said that I need to have a total thyroidectomy and also radioactive iodine therapy 6 weeks after the surgery, and of course a lifetime thyroid medication. I am doing well so far, just feeling more tired and sleepy nowadays. I get headache quickly now too. For the first week after hearing that I have thyroid cancer, I was pretty down and sad every time I was alone. Now, I feel better. I have great support from my family, relatives, and friends. I just want to have the surgery done ASAP so I can continue with my life and so my parents won't worry anymore. I need to undergo some tests too after the surgery like the HIDA scan or whole body scan to make sure that the cancer has not spread to other parts of my body. So far, my lungs are clear, but my tonsils and adenoids are somewhat enlarged. I hope you are doing well now. I'll update here as well after i have my surgery and RAI therapy. God Bless. :)

I feel for you! I am 29 and have been an RN for almost 10yrs. One of the docs I work with noticed a large lump on my throat that I had not previously felt. It must have quickly popped up and I do not currently have a pcp. Another doc I work with ordered the ultrasound on it and it showed a 4cm complex cyst plus several other small ones. I am now waiting to have the FNA done to find out if it's cancer. I have a 6yr old and a 6mo old, plus my husband's father is currently in ICU on life support so he is really stressing about all of this. I know I'll be OK either way and I will fight thru all of it!

Hi, I'm Cynthia. I was wondering if you can tell me a little about you eating habits, like food that you eat in a daily basic before you found out you have thyroid cancer? I'm doing this for a research project in school trying to see if food is one of the reason for the cause of thyroid cancer because of so much chemicals we have in our's food today. That would be a big help!

i had thyroid cancer when i was 11...god bless you <3

I feel for u,i am having tyroid problems .I have been confused on what my lumps were and have had some bad doctors saying i had anxiety,and now theses lumps are appearing and they are finding out its not anxiety,because of the lumps. I need to know what u are going through and how to handle this.I will say sweet little prayers for u,and if u are not relious know i am thinking of u.Lisa.

Was your thyroid hard and non mobile?

Hi , my 21 year old daughter had her thyroid removed and lymph nods, a parchel neck dissection ,the surgery was 5 hours long, seemed for ever, my heart broke for her , if I could have taken her place I would have, she was in a lot of pain for the first 4 days , well she wouldnt take her pain meds , she said they made her feel like she was dying, so I just gave her over the counter pain meds.she has not gotten her radioactive iodine yet, our HMO is slowing it down, so we are waiting on that, the sad thing is she has begun a lifestyle of party , and I'm very concerned for her health and her mental health also, I don't think she is prossessing all of this and I think Counsling would help her work through all the anger, but she won't except any help, she lives at home she works ft but me and her step dad carry the health ins. She never comes home and is out all kinds of hours, I'm so sick with worry, if any one has any suggestions?

Hi, dial, I just read your post and my heart breaks for you and your daughter. I had a TT Thursday a week ago due to papillary cancer on the thyroid. I was put on levothyroxin (synthroid) at a 125 mcg dose. After a few days home I wasn't improving from what I thought was the surgery. I was back I the ER Wednesday because of an extremely high heart rate and blood pressure. I felt like I drank 5 cups of coffee then would crash. It turns out that my dosage is set high because it has to keep the cancer at bay but my body can't handle it. It threw me into fake hyperthyroidism...weird because I no longer have a thyroid. I was so irritable, hyper and exhausted at the same time. My endocrinologist put me on atenolol. My heart rate is back to almost normal in the 70s as opposed to the 90-100 range. I feel better. Maybe you should monitor your daughter's vitals with a digital bp cuff. She could be going through a similar experience. I thought it was all in my head but it wasn't. We have to advocate for ourselves and listen to our bodies when something doesn't seem right. Good luck and prayers sent!

I am also 17 years old and found a lump in the front of my neck around February 2011. I went to the doctor within 1 week as i knew something was not right! I was told the lump was a cyst but was reffered for an ultrascan. After thisi was referred for the needle biopsy test.. My results were abnormal WTF? Didnt quite no what was going on but they still couldnt tell me if i had thyroid cancer. After another ultrasound which determined my lump was directly in the middle of my throid.. On my isthmus and not touching any of the glands at either side. I was also told this was very rare. I was scheduled for surgery and had my lump removed as well as my isthmus. 4 weeks after surgery i was told i infact had had follicular thyroid cancer.. Once again WTF? I was immediately put on thyroxin to suppress the gland "put it to sleep to stop it producing more cancer cells" .. I have now been taking my medication for 2 weeks and will need regular blood tests and scans for the rest of my life. I also take alot of pride in my appearance and my scar is a constant reminder of what ive been through! My scar is stil red, itchy and tender 6 weeka after surgery. Looking to the future now but this is not how i planned on starTing adult life...

i am 17 yrs old and i had the left side of my thyroid removed when i was 14. I now have a large mass on my right thyroid. two years ago i had a lymp node by my ear removed. Ultrasound showed that my lymphnode adjacent to my thyroid is very large. I had a pet scan of my entire body and it showed that I have cancer on my thyroid, but it shows nothing regarding my lymph node. I am having a biopsy monday 11-7-2011. Surgeon said, he may have to removed a bunch of lymph nodes along with my thyroid. But he is not certain until biopsy results are in. I am wondering if i could die from this. Here are the results of my ultrasound..<br />
<br />
<br />
Findings: Sonographic evaluation reveals the right thyroid gland to be enlarged measuring 9 x 3.6 x 4.6 cm. It has a somewhat heterogeneous echo texture. No definite definable focal masses are seen within the right thyroid gland; however in the right neck adjacent to the enlarged thyroid, there is a large lymph node noted measuring 3.4 x 1.3 x 1.1 cm. No additional masses are seen adjacent to the right lobe of the thyroid gland. <br />
<br />
Impression:<br />
1 Surgical absence of the left lobe of the thyroid gland<br />
2. Markedly enlarged right lobe of the thyroid gland with the dimensions as above. In addition, there is an enlarged lymph node noted adjacent to the right lobe that measures 3.4 x 1.3 x 1.1 cm. The findings are nonspecific. Consideration can be made for radioiodine thyroid scan as clinically indicated..

Hey. My name is....... well, let's just say that my name's Rinoa. (it's not my real name.) I am seventeen years old. Haha.. I am reading things and informations about thyroid cancer in different sites, and then i found this. You see, i also have a lump thing at the left side of my neck. I had it since.. i don't know when, but it's quite big (as the doctor says). I had to undergo blood test and ultrasound. ba<x>sed on my ultrasound results, my right thyroid lobe measures 3.62 cm x 1.20 cm x 1.24cm. I think that it's the normal size. My left thyroid lobe measures 5.27 cm x 2.93 cm x 1.80 cm. It also says here that a large, complex mass measuring approximately 2.98 cm x 2.18 cm x 1.73 cm is found at the left thyroid lobe.<br />
<br />
Anyway, i said those sizes to let you see the difference. The doctor said that it's not a hyperthyroid or a hypothyroid since my blood test is normal, so she referred me with an endocrinologist. The doctor checked the lump and said that i should undergo biopsy. I'm going to have my biopsy next week, and i'm really praying that it isn't thaaat serious. But according to the doctor, the normal set of ages of having lumps on their necks because of thyroid or something is between 20-45 years old. She said that with my age, it's really risky and has a great chance of having cancer. She has also recommended me to have a surgery and have it removed.<br />
<br />
I'm not scared of it actually. I just have to accept and live with it. I want to be strong and fight if the results next week are *really* something cancerous. I need to hear your advices and replies.. Haha. Oh and. I really hope that you're doing fine right now. :)

i found a Support Group <br />
<br />
ThyroidChat - Thyroid Cancer | Thyroid Support Group | Thyroid LIVE CHAT | Thyroid Cancer Information | Chat About Thyroid Disease | Thyroid Hypothyroidism | Thyroid Hyperthyroidism | Thyroid Problems | Resources for Thyroid Cancer<br />
<br />

I just want to add an update. I had my surgery on May 27th. The surgery lasted 10 hours. It was a total neck dissection from ear to ear with the whole thyroid being removed, as well as lymph nodes on the right and left sides of the neck and the base of the neck. My parathyroid glands were moved, so I was put on calcium for a week and luckily they have begun working on their own. <br />
<br />
Recovery has been a hard road and I am still in the middle of it. Some days I feel okay, then the next day I might pass out in the bathroom floor. My family and friends have been an unbelievable support system and I woould have been lost without them. <br />
<br />
I am still waiting for my I-131 treatments. Hopefully, after that I can begin to put this all behind me. I just want to be me again.

I will have surgery soon. I am also very scared about what the future holds. I pray that things go well with you. Take care.

hi there my name is stephanie im from scotland, Im 26 years old i have a 4 year old and a 2 year old.I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago with papillary thyroid cancer mine had been thefre for at least 5 years my tumours were the worst they had ever seen i was scheduled for a 13 hour surgery which the discussed prior that i may have my oesoephegus out and my larynx (voice box). Fortunately i still have my larynx and my stomach im just left with a great bug scar that comes right round from my left ear all the round. Im on 150mcg of thyroxine i take calcium as ,my parathyroids were also removed. It has taken 2 years for me too begin feeling more like me. I have brain fog, tiredness and it has certainly been an emotional rollercoaster. I have the best hubby and family ever and without them i dont know what i would have done. <br />
<br />
So be patient and you will be fine, allow yourself to have good days and bad days. All the best! x