Living With Papillary Thyroid Cancer Since '08

I'm Julie.  I'm 45.  I'm living with Papillary Thyroid Cancer since 08.   I've had a complete thyroidectomy, a some parathyroid were removed, 3 I think.  I've had RAI Treatments, the first I-131 and then followups, one in '09.  I'm coming up soon for another this Fall.  I'm on synthroid alternating every other day between 150 and 175.  I take 2,000mg B-12, Vitamin D-2,000mg daily.  I am also taking vitamin A, C.  I have high blood pressure.  I have mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation. I've had a complete hysterectomy (year 2000) due to fast growing fibroid tumors.  I still have one ovary.  I have a Vitamin B12 deficiency.  So by the end of the week I've got quite a few vitamins in me~ 14,000mg of B12 and Vitamin D.   I still have no energy.  I feel lethargic, sleepy and out of it most of the time. I'm not depressed but I am weepy at times because I'm TIRED!  When you're tired you feel so many emotions.  Why the hell am I still tired?  Why the hell has all this happened to me?  Why is it happening?  Doesn't anyone else ask WHY!?     
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I have no energy, I am at stage 4, they brought in hospice which overmedicated me and I wound up unconscious (a friend found me) cannot function new to Facebook, Hospital suggested I accept and go out? Help! Need quality suggestions and support. Thanks for listening.

Was your thyroid nodule hard and non mobile

I have had a difficult journey with my Pap Thyca and have journaled my most frustrated thoughts because a lot of them cannot be understood by anyone other than someone who has been through it. I believe that due to the idea that this is the best cancer to have, that many doctors and well-meaning friends, in their encouragement and quest to help us stay positive, don't realize that whether or not we aren't dying from this, we still have lost our health and should mourn and experience that before we immediately rush to exclaim gratefulness about how it could be worse. Every experience you and I have matters to ourselves, and we should embrace them, good or bad, and feel them, privately or with those we trust. I found in this situation that I had to give myself permission to be angry and frustrated and upset, and in doing so, I was able to accept the reality of the situation after a long period of denial (which for anyone who has experienced this, is almost necessary with other life struggles going on at the same time). I was alone when I found out, as my husband was deployed. A little over four months has passed since my surgery and I'm still recovering (TT and 30 lymph nodes removed up to level 7). I have a whopper of a scar. :) Many blessings and love to you.

I just found out that I have thyroid cancer. I went to see my doctor yesterday for a sinus infection and asked for my biopsy results. i was sure it would come back fine but when the nurse said she had the results and she was just waiting for the doctor to come in and talk to me I knew what they were going to say. <br />
I called my best friend Marie as soon as I got home. My husband died 11 yrs this month when we were in a car accident. So when I need to talk to someone it is my friend marie. We have been friends since we were five. Anyway she has been telling me that if I had to have cancer this is the one to have, I think I have had it for a few years because I have been losing my voice for about five years so this worries me. I just want to get the surgery over with but today the doctor told me my first visit to the surgeon is March 4th. That isn't even the surgery date. He said it was aggressive so I would think they would get me in sooner.<br />
Reading your post sounds a lot like me. I have fibroids but I have refused surgery on that. I am also 45 and I also have mitral valve prolaspe. I also find myself wondering why I have to go through all of this. My biggest fear is that I won't be around for my son. He was only four when his dad died and I would hate for him to have to go without a mom too. <br />
Usually i am very upbeat but today I feel like I am in a trance. I feel numb. Luckily I have some great friends that have been calling me and supporting me through this.<br />
I hope things get better for you soon. I didn't realize how much thyroid cancer would take out of you. I feel fine now but i'm worried about how I will feel after the surgery.

My heart truly goes out to you. I honestly can relate at least a little to all that you're going through. I haven't had Cancer of the Thyroid, which I pray I'll never get, but I do take Synthroyid ? at 100 micrograms perday. My Thyroid not working at all, along with the fact that my precious Husband of 35 years was deliberately killed by his doctor, caused Congestive Heart Failure. For that I must take 6 different medications. True, I'm over 50 and you are so much younger than I, but I've found that there is always someone worse off, if we only open our eyes. I've also found that deep depression makes one extremely tired. I've thought of going to a 'shrink' but due to the fact that I have absolutely no trust in doctors.,, that is totally out of the question. So, like you, I'm suffering in silence and am tired all the time too. I'm not sure why these things happen. I'll never in a billion years understand the mentality of the doctor who deliberately killed my Husband and totally destroyed my life and the lives of our children and grandchildren. Please feel free to write to me anytime. I'll be more than happy to talk about our days.<br />
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God Bless You,

I am having a lonely time with little to no energy, Hospice wants me to go out on drugs, my physician just doesn't seem to be interested. I have had thyroid/lymph nodes removed, told I was stage one, went for a check up Stage 4. Radiation was horrendous, over 12 weeks, no taste buds, lost a ton of weight, cannot eat or function. Hospice wants me to go out on heavy Fentanyl drugs and I still want to live, although exhausted. Would appreciate any input. Thank You! Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

No, No offense taken. I don't believe hurting someone else will do for me. If it were that simple I'd have done it long ago. I come from a firm belief that hurting other's doesn't inturn make me feel better. Anyway,<br />
just wish I knew why things happen as they do. I am not sure if I am really lucky or have rotten luck. You have humored me. I don't talk to strangers at all so this new. My thinking is get outside opinions other than my own. Thanks for your point of view. It is interesting. I am not old at all and wonder why everything has happened as it has. I still have much of life to live in me.

You're tired because you have a lot of things weighing on you and you're sick of the bullshit--and obviously pretty pissed off. Don't you have someone to wrestle with or poke in the eye? Yeah, sounds stupid until you try it. It helps get the adrenaline up and makes you laugh--unless you get hit in the boob.<br />
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I'm not really good at writing to strangers, so I'm sorry if I offend you. I have a propensity for saying stupid ****. Any way, I'm sorry to read of your problems, I couldn't begin to imagine the way you must feel. I can't say that I enjoyed reading your story either, but I'm glad I did and wish you the best.<br />
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Feel free to ignore me or you can respond with a sarcastic remark... I enjoy senseless banter.<br />