Here's My Story With Thyroid Cancer

First I was having trouble everytime I would sleep on my right side at night. It was making me cough. Since I was already hypothyroid I had an Endocrinologist. I told her so she was feeling for a lump on my neck. She finally found it and sent me for an ultrasound. It showed I had a lump so I had a biopsy. She thought it would be benign because most lumps like these are. But at my next appointment she told me I had thyroid cancer. I am a Christian women and was very calm with the news. I just prayed to the Lord and lifted my problem to him to take care of me. I was so calm about it my family and friends could not beliive it! I had surgery on Jan 16/12 and went on a low iodine diet and then had Rai (Radio active iodine) treatment on March 28/12. I was in the basement of my home away from my family and pets for about 10 days while I was radioactive and then had a WBS (Whole body scan) done that takes an hour without moving. That was uncomfortable.

Well it is a year tomorrow since surgery and all is well so far. I have had a few appointments to check my bloodwork and calcium levels and I'm doing fine so far. If you have any questions I may be able to answer for you so go ahead and ask.

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I am so happy to hear you are doing fine. Your strength is inspirational! I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer a little over a year ago followed up my low dose rai after my thyroidectomy. I am 34 years old and very worried that my chances of getting another secondary cancer have increased. Do u know anything about that? Thank u

PS I started on 150 of Synthroid

I originally went in for routine surgery to have a parathyroid gland and a growth removed from the parathyroid but when they went in they found cancer in my thyroid that spread to my lymph and was all entangled in my vocal cords and my carotid artery. It was totally unexpected but I feel blessed that it was caught when it was considering if 6 more months had passed it would have spread even further. They did a TT and also removed several parathyroids as well as several lymph nodes in my neck. I had to go hypo to get the RAI which I just had about 2 and a half weeks ago. Ive only been on the synthroid for about 10 days but going hypo was extremely difficult for me. Before my surgery I started feeling tired and a little lethargic BUT I was always in the gym and working out with heavy weights and doing cardio at least 3x a week. After surgery I was barely able to get out of bed some days and was in a "hypo" state since late November until just recently when I started taking the Synthroid. I still dont have much energy (and maybe I am just not giving myself time) and I have gained 15 pounds. Going to the gym is not a matter of will power at this point it just feels impossible to get the energy to do it. Im 40 and really concerned about the weight gain and energy levels. Will I ever get back to "normal" again?

Hi there,

Yes, I started around 150 after my surgery and now a year later I'm at 162 of Synthroid. When I was hypo in 2008 I weighted 154 now I'm 170. Having thyroid problems has made me gain weight. Although now I'm 50 and have been going through menopause so my Endo says 10 pounds could be menopause. My metabolism is very slow I find. I like to walk but because of the winter months have been pretty bad at doing that. Yes, you need alot of patience with lab report and waiting for the new Synthroid range to kick in and get tetested etc... Once your amount is good for you, you will get your energy back you will see! I have mine back but I am also on calcium and vitamin d3 because my parathyroid do not work anymore. Hope you start feeling better soon!

I am so happy you are well. You are a strong woman and your faith is even stronger. I lost my father and aunt to cancer, it was found to late for both. It made me very happy reading your story, god bless you and keep that faith strong. Stay healthy.

Hi missingmyhubby,

Sorry about your father and aunt! Thank you for your kind words! Take care of yourself!


Thank you. Take good care of your health, live life, love and always stay smileyhappy. God bless

Are you taking Synthroid and did you have a complete thyroidectomy? Did you gain weight or feel very lethargic? Problems with energy or did you go hypo?

Hi Ladythermeck,

Yes, I am on Synthroid. But I was on it before because I was hypothyroid. I did have a complete thyroidectomy. Yes, I did gain some weight but I find when you are hypothyroid and try to get your your thyroid level leveled it can make you gain weight. I was only lethragic before it was found out I was hypothyroid. Since I have been on Synthroid I am fine. If you feel lethargic your levels need to be checked. Also after the Endocrinologist changes your Syntroid it can take 6-8 weeks before you feel a difference. When you have a thyroidectomy your Synthroid dosage is alot more than when you actually have a thyroid and are hypo. Are you having problems?

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I am so glad things have turned out so well for you,it seems your cancer was caught on time,your faith helped you bear the news when told you had cancer but I believe you are also a person who can keep things together,who do not panic,you deal with things as they come,with equanimity.Everybody feel safe around you.Take care.

Thanks Berangere!

Yes, since I have become a Christian God has been with me through alot of different things. I am stronger with him and am able to handle alot more with him.

Smileyhappy :)