Diet. Bloodwork. Bs.

My previous bout with thyroid cancer is currently having a negative impact on my life.
This booklet I'm reading is trying to tell me that dairy, chocolate, and seafood are not allowed in my diet amongst other delicious things. I need a support group to talk with about that. I've been perfectly fine eating all of those things in large portions since I beat that cancer 15 years ago.
Also, I plan on discussing with my doctor how he should be paying ME for the blood that he insists on taking from me every year.
Am I right?
Krloewen Krloewen
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

What kind of goofy book tells you that you can't eat chocolate and seafood? I've got no dietary restrictions and have no thyroid at all... I'd ditch the book - unless it is addressing a different disease.