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In 1998 my mum noticed a swelling in my throat… I went to the doctor and did lots of tests and said am fine, but mum was sooo afraid and took me to another doctor and said the same… I wasn’t feeling good, but I ignored it I thought its college stress…

in mid 2000 I was told about an endocrinologist and when I visited him he made me go through lots of blood tests and scans, after all of this he told me that am hypo, and said that after 2 or 3 months I must do blood tests and scans again and so I did, it showed that I might had cancer, and he told me that he knows one of the best surgeons in France and can book me an appointment with him.  My first appointment was in February, 5th 2001 and the first surgery was scheduled on the 8th and the second surgery on 22nd.  The first one he removed the right side of the gland and was diagnosed as papillary cancer and I was told I have to take the left side also and regarding the doctors if I was few months late it would spread all over my neck and chest.  They told me that I’ll need to take radioactive iodine and told me about all the side effects that I might occur.  After all of that I was still hanging strong, but after the radioactive I was low, through the years I had radioactive 3 times and the results were good, thank GOD.  Now after 8 years am clear and my spirits are high and I try my best to help my family and friends that are going through cancer battle.  It’s a relief to know that you’re not alone.

Aboura Aboura
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Was your thyroid nodule hard and non mobile?

Hi my english is not very good but i just want to say that i'm a year after thyroid cancer. everything is good now but i'm so scared that it will come back :/ i'm 25 years old. how did you deal with the stress ?

thanx alot... your responses gives me the power to keep going strong.. bless u all<br />

Isn't it great that you are doing so well! It must have been hell scary though when you were diagnosed and you had to have your thyroid removed and go through all the additional stuff you went through. Just wanted to say also I have had half my thyroid removed to as well as the Isthmus because I had a Hurthle Cell tumor. Lucky for me it was benign however that was one anxious time for me so I can relate to some of what you are talking about. Take care (-: