Super Worried

3 weeks ago i noticed a knot in my throat but assumed it was my lymph nodes swollen becuae i had been sick. after 2 1/2 weeks the knot had not gotten any better and I have no insurance so i could not go to the doc. I was feeling extra bad one night so decided to go to the ER thinking I had a really bad cold or flu and maybe they could write me an antibiotic. Well they did a ct and found a thyroid nodule about 2.5 cm. My levels were normal so the doc on call told me to go to a free clinic or health dept. to get further testing. I have an appt. for nxt thursday but i am so scared. I have three young children and cant imagine if this is cancer what it would mean. I am praying that it is benight but the doc said it worried hime because it is so large and it has grown so fast. Anyone else expierencing this? Could really use some good news.
momofthr3e momofthr3e
Aug 18, 2011