Children With Chronic Tic Disorders (i.e., Tourette's Syndrome) Needed For Treatment Study

Children with Chronic Tic Disorders (i.e., Tourette's Syndrome) Needed for Treatment Study

Does your child blink his eyes, jerk his head, or cough, clear his throat, or engage in other vocalizations involuntarily and repeatedly? The Child Anxiety Research (CARe) Program is looking for youths between 9-17 years of age with a chronic tic disorder to participate in a research study. Those eligible receive a full assessment of symptoms, treatment recommendations, and, if eligible, treatment (at no cost) at the CARe Program. Please call 330-672-2200 if interested or if you're not sure if your child has a tic disorder.

**Not all families will qualify. Duration of participation for these families will not exceed 1-2 hours.

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Mar 14, 2012