I know it's crazy but my 40DD breasts are very ticklish. They're actually the most ticklish spot on my whole entire body! I didn't realize that they were ticklish until I was with my then boyfriend at the time. The first time he tickled them was obviously during a sexual experience. Then the second time was kind of in public (not really). Anywhoo, here's what happened. I live in a two story house with a deck in my backyard. I had to go under the neck because I had lost my Grandmother's ring that she had given me and it fell through the cracks of the deck. So me being me, I decided to go under the deck and look for it. After about a half hour I finally found it. I decided to push my way out coming out head first from under the deck. I accidentally pushed on the wall and there was a hole so my foot got stuck. My bf was waiting and I'm stuck. All that's out is my head and torso. I'm trying to get my foot out of the damn hole to no avail. I'm bouncing up and down and of course my breasts are bouncing right along with me. My bf at the time says "Need a little help?" I say something sarcastic like no **** sherlock. He then gives me an "Oh really look" and crouches down and says "Your boobs look nice going up and down like that. Can I play with them since your stuck?" I say "No! What if the neighbors see!" He says "you got a fence." So I say fine but only for a few seconds! He pulls up my shirt exposing my lacy bra. Then he gets under me and unsnaps my bra. My 40DD breasts come spilling out. He sits on my hands and I say "Wait, don't tickle my boobies!" He says to late sweetheart! And goes right to my nipples and areolas I'm laughing so hard right now. He's squeezing and tickling at the same time! He's tickling my chest, boobs and nipples! My nipples are the most ticklish on my breasts. He knows this. I say okay okay the neighbors will see my boobs! Staahahahahp! He says no one will see your ****! I'm squirming crazily and my boobs are swinging left and right at this point. I'm begging for mercy but he just won't quit! (Not going to lie I am turned on by all this) I'm still trying to get my foot unstuck and it's just not coming out! He stops, then teases "Here comes the tittie tickler!" And starts tickling my boobs all over again! My nipples are hard as rocks and he says "Someone's enjoying this! Admit it! Or you're **** are going to get it even worse!" I say "Okay okay! I am enjoying this! Stop for real please! I caaaannn'ttt take ittt staaaahahahaahappp please! My boobs can't taaahahahke it! You win!" Finally after about 30 minutes it seems like he gets up and helps me with my stuck foot. I then put my bra back on and shirt. That was the worst tickling experience I ever had! But it was fun:) tell me about your tickling experiences whether they're about tickling some breasts or some good rib tickling! I love to be tickled and love hearing stories about tickling!
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