So Ticklish... Then I Started To ***.

My boyfriend has a tickling fetish and has introduced me to it in the last few months. The first time I indulged him I thought it was a foot fetish, but after tying me to my bed he proceeded to tickle my feet for a very long time. I couldn't move my feet away at all as he'd somehow managed to tie my toes back tightly. i couldn't even scrunch my toes as he went to work on the balls of my feet. It was infuriating.

After quite some time (and a lot of laughter) and with no warning, I had an ******. It shocked me and delighted him. It was a pretty good one, especially considering I didn't realise I was turned on first and I had only been touched below the ankle, and it seemed to last a long time as he continued to tickle.

It took quite a bit of courage on my part to try this again, as the tickling was torture, but we tried again. The same thing happened, only twice this time. I was quite turned on knowing how turned on he was by the situation. I concentrated desperately to feel for sensations beyond the tickling (not easy when you're wailing and giggling) and after some minutes of unbearable torture, I started to notice occasional tingles moving up my legs to my loins.

The tingles became more frequent as the tickling continued and eventually became one constant tingle as I reached the point of no return. At this point the tickling also went from being unbearable to being delightful as it began to tease my ****** from me.

I was sure this time that the tickling extended and heightened my ******. He continued even after it had finished and that's when I crashed. I don't think I have felt more ticklish or desperate in my life. I would have cut my feet off to get away. After "a time" (could have been seconds, felt like weeks) I came again. This one nearly tore me apart and still he tickled through it, though this time the tickling remained unbearable through the ******.

Mercifully he stopped.

After taking a while to get into it (to "woman up" as he calls it) I'm on board with this now. After all, who's against *******?

I've learned a lot. I've learned that having my feet tickled while he is inside me makes me *** hard and often.

During our bondage tickling games, he likes me to keep eye contact with him. This is both very difficult and very erotic, concentrating on looking in his eyes as my every instinct is to shut them and throw my head back - both during the tickling and my ******.

We took it "on the road" a couple of weeks back when he tickled me throughout dinner in our local restaurant, my foot in his lap. He tickled gently and it made it interesting ordering my meal, but I kept stoic throughout. I didn't ***, but his gentle tickling gave me little shudders as it continually swept over the little ridge where my toes join my foot.

I've also learned that dabbling around his toes with a q-tip really gets his circulation going.

I like my new kink. I've never had one before! It might be a good idea to submit your toes to your SO if you haven't tried it. At the very least you'll have a good laugh and ab workout. You might get lucky, like me. ;-)

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I love foot tickling stories.

Awesome story! Small click we are!

sounds like a good time !!

I'm soo hard

Very nice! I am completely devoted to a woman's ****** and thoroughly enjoy every sensation I can create.

great story! Keep enjoying it! Have fun.

Great story, I'm glad to know that this sort of "torture and bondage" gave you great *******. It seems that you must be very brave to stick with it long enough to learn all the joys associated with such pain and suffering. This is all new to me. But I think it is great information and I'm really thankful to you for posting this great article.

Thanks :-). It can be tough - especially the first few minutes, but it's worth it. Give it a go. You never know ;-)

I do enjoy reading of your experiences. My fetish possesses me and I can never get enough of being tickled.

I loved your story. What a wonderful way to be introduced into the world of tickling. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play with a couple of women who were able to achieve ****** merely from foot and leg tickling. It's incredible to tickle a woman to heights like this and even more fun to tickle her post-****** when her body is so insanely sensitized that just blowing on her skin gets her squirmy and giggly.<br />
<br />
When I try to explain my tickling fetish to women and how it will feel once I have them bound or held down and at my tickling mercy I advise them that it's an interesting and exciting overload of sensations and emotions that straddle the fine line between tantalization and torture, pleasure and punishment, nervousness and excitement and fun and eroticism. <br />
<br />
Tickling can be extremely sensual and foot tickling especially because of all the nerves a person has in their feet that connect to a multitude of body parts including the genitalia.<br />
<br />
I also find public tickling to be incredibly exciting. Restaurant foot tickles under the table are great fun and sheer torture for the person being tickled especially when a waiter or waitress is present at the table or booth or if there happen to be tables close enough to where you're sitting that it force you to try to not to giggle and squirm and to try to remain as composed as possible while those feet are being teased and tickled out of view and your tickler is looking into your eyes with that special look.<br />
<br />
Love the picture of your feet being tickled by the way.

Hot story.

Wow...Very pretty feet and now I'm horny...AGAIN!

you sound like a cool gf to have :) that's awesome that your feet are so ticklish; they're my favorite spot to explore. ba<x>sed on your good times with tickling have you converted any of your skeptical girlfriends about having their feet played with?!

Have added some pictures to my profile of my man tickling my feet while i ***. <br />
<br />
Also:<br />

You have one lucky boyfriend!

You have one lucky boyfriend!

Sounds fantastic. My wife loves to have her feet tickled, too, although she can't ****** from it alone. Often she'll touch herself and have several ******* as I play with her feet. She wasn't into feet when we first met, but, over time, she's definitely become much more foot oriented. We've been together for six years and she loves having her feet played with so much now that she'll even beg for it when we have intercourse. Just last week, I was wanting her feet very badly before we went to bed and she let me have them, but told me she was too tired to enjoy it herself. Fifteen or so minutes later, she's feverishly touching herself to a serious of continual ******* as I play with her feet because she couldn't help but get really turned on. Getting to this place together didn't happen overnight, but with growing trust and acceptance, foot play has become a primary turn on for both of us. I'm a very lucky guy.