Ticklish Feet

my feet are the MOST ticklish spot on my body they are more ticklish than anything. Its sad when if my foot itches i cant even scrach it cause it tickles but thats ok cause i love it i love the fellings of a man tickling my foot cause tied up or just pinned down it dont matter when u tickle my feet cause i become paralized i cant move cause i am laughing so hard. Someone tickle my feet please and the rest of my body too
heather1988 heather1988
18-21, F
14 Responses Feb 10, 2011

That's sexy

You sound perfect to me! I specialize in extreme tickle torture and love tickling girls feet the most! I have nice long nails, would tie you down wearing hose, and just scratch my nails up and down your soles viciously for hours making you beg, scream and plead for me to stop. I'd tickle you soo bad, you would promise you would be my tickle slave if i would stop tickling you! i'd accept that promise and keep tickling your feet, baby! :)

it wouldnt take me hours it wold take me 1 min

I would run my nails across the soles of your feet and lick between your toes

really ?

Yah really!

that`s great id like tickle you special your feet :)

i love your chat

Hey heather. I want those ticklish feet...i will suck those toes as i rake my nails down ur soles and u wont be able to get away from my tickling fingertips....<br />
what city u in?

i know i would be

i would be dieing of laugher

whats TTS

I do love a nice pair of ticklish feet. Come join the TTS and you will laugh and laugh and laugh as your feet get tickled.


i would tickle your feet for as long as you would allow it. and then i'd take care of you in your euphoric state ;)

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I'd love to, sounds like a lot of fun!