Sex And Tickles

Sex with my boyfriend is always AMAZING, but when he tickles my feet WHILE doing me, oh my gosh.. It is the most amazing feeling! It's like.. aaahh!! Should I laugh or moan?! He puts my legs up over his shoulders, and then slowly slides his **** into me and then gradually speeds up. After a while he starts to stroke the soles of my feet with 1 finger on each foot. Then he adds another finger and speeds up the tickling. Eventually he's using all of his fingers and starts moving up and down my feet, making sure to tickle every inch of them. ESPECIALLY right under and between my toes, where I am probably the most ticklish. I ****** multiple times before he finally pulls out and **** all over me. But the tickling continues until I can't take it anymore. Then he licks me clean.
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You've basically described my sex life to a T it's almost scary. Lol Accept I make sure we ****** at the same time. Though on occasion I make her ****** first cuz then she's really ticklish down there and I keep thrusting. 😈

I volunteer. :D

that is the yummiest story i have read on here!

Glad you like it :) lol

Would really like to see a photo to illustrate this story ...

Sounds like an amazing time indeed and thanks for sharing!!

I do that move also. Thats hot. :) I like my stomach and bellybutton tickled, when I get a hand job. :)

Give him a 20 minute ******* and then a ******* to finish it off. (It takes a lot to make him *** sometimes)

If you want me to *** faster. Some tickling has to be done. :D

Believe it or not what you describe is a quite common
form of foreplay when men have sex with women.
So glad you enjoy yourself, but what do you do
for HIM in return?