Teen Torture

When i was  a teenager I had a friend who used to tie my feet to a chair very tightly, rub lotion all over them and tickle em mercilessly for very long periods of time...... I found that its pure torture even tho i enjoy it I will beg for mercy and plead for any other place to be tickled..... My feet are the most sensitive and ticklish part of my body...... I also was woken up once to someone sitting on my feet and they tickled me nonstop in an answer my questions and i might free u type of way...... If anyone ever wanted to torture me then that would be the way to do it..... My feet are equally ticklish and if u tie them down the right way, I won't get loose and anyone could take advantage of my hellish predicament..... Any takers??

31-35, F
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Yes.... Message me with a time day and address...we will get started asap

Angel where are you located? In near Boston

Wow! NIIIICE story! Whew! Makes me feel --------!

sooo much fun,good stories like this!!!!!

These stories are THE BEST! :-D *big, beaming smile* Have I got a taker with you, parrykeet? ;-) Hehehehehe

I love tying naughty foot ticklish girls like you and spending a couple hours getting to know all the ticklish places on your soles and toes.


OMG! 1 of my ticklish spots. I would DIE if someone did that 2 me!!!!! hehehehe

MAY I? I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Sa-WEEEETheart! ;-D

you WOULD wanna see that.....YOU would have me in absolute PIECES.( jigsaw pieces!)

I love how you describe how torturesome yet pleasureable having your bound or pinned down feet tickled is for you. <br />
<br />
One position I love tickling my ticklees in in having them lie face down on the bed, their upturned feet hanging just off the edge, ankles tied with rope, duct tape or ace bandages then bound to the bed. I then sit on the back of their calves and tease, torture, tantalize and tickle their trapped feet for hours.

so did you take advantage of any these offers, would love to hear an update.

None as everyone who responds isnt in close proximity.... :(

Can I tickle your feet ?


Can I tickle your feet ?

Can I tickle your feet ?

I am so in on this one. Tickle you insane I will

Reading your story does make me wonder why you want to be tickle tortured. I love to feel, lick & suck ladies feet, but I make sure my ladies enjoyed them with strokes or caresses that pleasure them. I am not into torture, but pleasing and pleasuring them does make me very excited and pleasing with much satisfaction seeing them enjoying and asking for more. I would love to give you a try.

That sounds cool

@ ticklelover..... mmmmm vry nice

Nice story , i would love to tickle you . would appreciate if you read and comment on some of my stories , i'm new here jus trying to make some noise lol

Cool vry nice n welcome

@Hot..... wut..? @ Delta........ mmmmmm such a turn on and yet shrieking wit laughter

oh yes

@ Delta I would say about a 8-9 i believe

you could tickle me<br />
i wuld say 4<br />
Could you somehow make it ticklish?

i would deff. like to tie you down and tickle you :)

@tickle.... I have been tied up but squirmed still

wow how do you know that

@FrenchTickler size 9-10 feet n jus so u kno i squirm alot :)

I would love to get those ticklish feet of yours. but , i would love 4 u 2 have on nyloned stockings or socks as this makes ur feet more ticklish and my fingers can run smoothly across the soles of those tender feet ,with no relief youd have no choice but to laugh your head off. it would be so much fun. what size shoe do you wear , the biger the foot the more room to run my fingers up those high arches, play annd tickle those beatifil feet . and hear the agony of laughter

@ppls champ.... I let her and yes I then admitted to liking it..... @ tickle... never been the 'ler b4

can you tickle me like that?

how did this activity begin between you two? did she forcefully tie you up or did you agree to it. did you eventually admit to her that you loved having your feet mercilessly tickled?

I'd definatly tie and tickle u 4 as long and as much as u want :)

@Happiness7------Sounds like I'd becum a tickle slave lol, hmmmmm interesting<br />
@ChickenSoup----- I'm ticklish everywhere but the feet are the most sensitive lol so sounds gr8<br />
@ticklemonster---- I've never reciprocated lol, but sounds new and interesting

I will give your bare sensitive feet the tickling they deserve ;) I'll tickle them any way you want me too

I am ticklish all over lol...... ..... Love the responses so far

are you serious about having any takers?? I would love to tickle your feet like that would you be interested? Let me know plz =)

I would love to! Thanks for asking!

i would :D

I am down to tickle your feet. <br />
I am not sure if my feet r ticklish. Anyone want to help me find out?

i would do it in a hartbeat :P

lol will so do it

Wow, I'd volunteer for that in a heartbeat

I live in Buffalo. Lets get together for a tickle meet. I could tickle you and maybe you could retaliate.

@ Love2Tickle.... TY :)

Count me in. U sound amazing to tickle

@ Parachess yes it wuz a girlfriend....

I would love to tickle you, then maybe you could retaliate

I'm definitely a taker, come to queens! =)

I'm definitely a taker, come to queens! =)

WOW!!!!! :0

I think it could get to be fun

That could be very intersting scott.... especially with my reactions to tickling :)


"Any takers?" Who could pass up an opportunity like that?

my former best friend and friends of hers lol

we sooo need to talk.. please get back with me

First in Line lol. I will glady tie you down and tickle your feet