You'd Better Believe It!

My size 9 feet are very well kept and soft...and exquisitely ticklish. They are ticklish all over--even the tops of the feet--but some of the especially sensitive areas are the toes, the area beneath the toes, between the toes, the center of the soles, the arches, and the heels.

Some of the tickling toys that have been used on my feet include: hair brushes, toothbrushes (manual and electric), paintbrushes, hair picks, feathers, felt tip pens, and ball point pens. Some between-the-toes torture tools include: feathers, yarn, twine, pipe cleaners, and strings of beads.

It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to get me laughing, screaming, and begging for mercy.

What would you like to do to my feet?

waynerman waynerman
56-60, M
5 Responses Oct 22, 2007

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I'm her male friend.I would make sure you were face up,put your feet in my lap,make sure I had 'keet's baby hairbrush and.....go to town!Go over those curling toe and straighten them out so I can play this lil' piggie and hear that infectious laugh I heard on you tube! I 'd go over your feet nice and slow,finding ALL weak spots and concentrait on them. You'd submit tome in NO time. Wanna try? I'd love it.

YES I wanna try!!

He fell for you...and I'm ashamed i stayed logged in. SOOOOO sorry about that...but, maybe you could have some fun! He's a wildman.

First massage them socked then stroke bound socked feet finding weak spots and peel off socks and slow strokes beginning and building in pressure and intensity and toes licked and sucked to tease but excite and fingers running the length of feet licked and nibbled with no escape, no release. Continued stimulation all over your feet .. a feather between the toes perhaps but you will become stimulated with the tickling so you come and then will be ready and ultra sensitive to any tickling and then will endure furious nibbling of your toes .. under your toes so ticklish and then more .. soles oiled for the hairbrush and toothbrsh treatments ... !

What exquisite torture you describe! I am ready to submit to YOU!!

Would like to tickle your feet with my hair, and hands.. <br />
<br />
Would like to tickly by licking at soft spots with my tongue, and make you tickle till you really enjoy..

You know it's wierd i am not ticklish at all.