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Ticklish Friends

Me and my mates are all extremely ticklish on our feet, but I am by far the worst. We are all big footed boys, I have size 10s and the others have the same. We all agreed to wear these novelty slippers we bought, everywhere we go. I got some huge grey paw slippers, while the others just got slipper boots and such. It was my birthday, and they decided to get me slippers, but they each got me a pair, so I ended up with 8 pairs. After I tried them all on, i put my slipper clad feet on the sofa. The group decided to have some fun, so they sat on my legs and held my arms down. They removed my slippers and tickled my soles for over 2 hours! They all took turns, and when they were done, they licked and felt my feet! Good times. There was also this time at school, we were all wearing out slippers, and we had to take them off for pe. It was judo today, and after being wrestled to the floor, with my feet sticking out, I got a good tickling by the whole class! Now, everytime my slippers are removed, someone tickles me! Though I do love it!
Wishfoot88 Wishfoot88 18-21, M 1 Response Nov 15, 2009

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I was the closing usher one night before my 18th birthday at the theatre were I worked. Some co workers got a pair of dog slippers for me as a gift. I took off my shoes to try them on, but some of the girls peeled my socks off as well. It felt good to wear soft slippers barefoot. Just then, two theatres let out and I didn't have time to change. I kicked the slippers off and ushered in my bare feet. Some of the patrons noticed and giggled. My co workers laughed...the girls hid my shoes and socks, so I was forced to go barefoot or wear slippers.