Passion For Tickling

Hello everyone!

I'm Marco in northern California.

I've had an incredibly passionate and extremely insatiable love for tickling women especially on their feet since early boyhood.

My earliest experiences with tickling were with a friend of my mom's named Theresa who would come over to our home to sit with mom in the kitchen. They would drink coffee & chat for hours. One day I was playing under the table and Theresa slipped off her shoes and began teasing me with her nylon feet. When my mom went into the other room she leaned down and whispered to me to tickle her. I was only six years old and obeyed her request, as a good boy should. Something about the request of a woman to do something to please her, the feel of her foot, the curve of her smooth silky arch, her soft slippery, sheer soles, the way she spread and wiggled her toes as i explored her feet excitedly and with a vigor and skill that she seemed to approve of, the fact that she never pulled away from my little tickling fingers and most importantly the sensations that coursed through my body which I didn't understand back then but thrilled me in a strange but wonderful way, unlike anything that ever had before. That first experience and subsequent encounters with Theresa (she seemed as insatiable as I) shaped my fetishes for tickling, female feet and nylons. Theresa would constantly encourage me to touch and tickle her feet whenever she was in our home. They were almost always in stockings and always perfectly pedicured, perfumed lightly, toes painted.

I soon became a little tickle monster and growing up always gravitated toward girls and women who were very ticklish. My younger sister was tickled mercilessly when we were children, schoolmates, neighborhood friends, their older sisters, their moms, ticklish aunts and female cousins. Of course as I got older I became a bit more discrete, skilled and refined in my approach and pursuit of ticklish and fetish friendly girls and women and also became quite adept at full body teasing and tickling.

A few years a go I began to switch and being on the receiving end of a tickling is as an exhilerating and exciting experience as ticklign someone. In fact it has made me an even better tickler. I truly love meeting other people with a passion for tickling/being tickled and hope to make lots of friends here. I actually do know a couple of the ticklish members so I know already that I'm in great company! Let's chat soon!

Peace and love to you all! Marco

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Do you know a woman we can both tickle?

Tickle, tickle, tickle, Marco! <br />
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